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NonNegotiable “When My Faith Fought My Flesh And Won

NonNegotiable “When My Faith Fought My Flesh And Won

Nonnegotiable...Do you know what nonnegotiable faith means or looks like? Do you know how to be unmovable, unstoppable, and unshakable in the ring? I didn’t know what it was or how to cope until I was a mother and wife in a unforeseen crisis where all I could do was pray. Through the most challenging time with my daughter Kelia, I never slept on my faith while in the battle with fear. In this book you will learn how to fight spiritually, mentally, physically through the toughest times in your life where there is no back door or person to run to. It’s you against you with God in the middle. Healing, miracles, affirmations, and prayer will be the tools used to take you on a nonnegotiable journey of what to do when your faith is fighting your flesh so you can be undefeated.

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