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Take Over Tuesday

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

When you look in the mirror what do you see..... is fear, doubt, worry , confusion, etc. looking back at you? Do not let those negative spirits attack your mind or throw you off track. It’s okay to not be okay at times. It’s okay to have those fleshly moments, you don’t have to be the “strong friend” all the time, your cup needs to be refilled to continuously pour into others. BUT when you know WHO you are, WHOSE you are, and your faith is Non-negotiable...miracles happen because your covered, blessed and highly favored. I AM Chantai Rae and I am so happy and grateful today that I see peace, love, and confidence looking back at me and every day after, because my “WHY” is and will forever be nonnegotiable. #chantairae #takeovertuesday #nonnegotiablefaith #chantairaecollection #lifestyle

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