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Happy Facial Friday!

Are you embarrassed on how your face looked...yup at first...but now nope! Toxins Toxins Toxins...that’s why detoxing from the inside out mind, body, and spirit is sooo important. A consistent skincare regime can reverse the damage and inflammation of the skin. Being a Glowgetter is not easy, but when you know who you are and whose you are it’s nonnegotiable. No one is immune from stress, depression, hurt, anger, etc.. and that’s why my body was filled of toxins, my skin was so dark around chin, lips, and cheeks..but it’s all how you take control and confront the issues at hand. You can workout to release those triggers but toxins gone try to fight you to show you who is boss. I WON! #nonnegotiablebeauty #60days #workingonmedaily

Skincare Products:

Artistry Glow Boss Cleanser & Exfoliator

Artistry Rose Toner

Artistry Purifying Mask

Infinity Oil

Rejuv Spray

Detox Tea/ CBD tea night cap



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