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Meet Chantai Rae

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Chantai Rae was born Roshawna Chantai, but when she said “Yes Yes” she became known as Chantai Rae to the world.  Chantai Rae is a native of Chicago, IL, Nonnegotiable Lifestyle Strategist, Empowerment Speaker, Author, and CEO of The Chantai Rae Collection. Chantai Rae mission it to empower women to unmask their fears, unmute their voice, and declutter their lives through nonnegotiable faith.

Chantai Rae is committed to elevating others mentally and spiritually.  Through her books, empowerment speaking, and coaching she helps others create an action plan based upon principles, not theory.  Chantai's transparency and testimony motivates her audience and propels them to release control so they can be healed and empowered to move forward.   


Chantai Rae is passionate about being a shining light for those married or single fighting to push through the darkest times in their lives.  Being a God-fearing wife for over 18 years, a mother of 3 children, and maintaining a career can breed many life challenges.  The challenges Chantai faced include homelessness, depression, unforgiveness, and rejection which only scratch the surface of the obstacles she has overcome.  


Chantai daughter’s life support journey awakened her faith and a miracle was birthed right in front of her eyes. Through the most challenging times, she empowers to never sleep on your faith living by that alone, you can not lose.  Once you know who you are and whose you are, your faith will become nonnegotiable...which makes you unmovable, unstoppable, and unshakable in the ring of life. 

Are you ready to walk in your purpose with non-negotiable faith? 

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"When My Faith Fought My Flesh And Won"
"I Am the Voice"


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Chantai Rae empowers others and raises belief through her signature tailored talks and transparency. 

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Nonnegotiable Faith


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